An alarming 50% of motorists think it's okay to break the speed limit!

Survey also reveals that 78% of drivers admit to speeding

Following research conducted by Direct Line, alarmingly 50% of motorists in the UK think it’s okay to break the speed limit, whilst many drivers even admit to committing the offence.
According to research carried out by the insurance company, some 50% of drivers believe it’s acceptable to speed, whilst from a poll of more than 2,000 motorists, a whopping 78% of drivers admitted to breaking the speed limit, with 5% confessing that they do so every time they go out in their vehicle.
From research gathered, they found the average breach that drivers seemed okay with included driving at 26mph in a 20 zone, 56mph in a 50 zone and 79mph in a 70 zone.

Survey also reveals that 78% of drivers admit to speeding

An alarming 50% of motorists think it’s okay to break the speed limit! © Copyright Des Blenkinsopp and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Out of those questioned, almost two-fifths confessed to being caught speeding and the average breaches were 37mph in a 30 zone and 61mph in a 50 zone.
When asked the reason why they had broken the speed limit, 51% of those taking part said they’d not been aware of how fast they were going, whilst 34% admitted to speeding on purpose simply because the roads were empty.
Furthermore, 19% confessed to breaking the speed limit because they were running late, while 14% said they exceeded the speed limit in areas that seemed to have no speed cameras.
“Speeding is one of the biggest causes of accidents and casualties on UK roads,” said Rob Miles, director of car insurance at Direct Line, adding: “The research suggests it is often not deliberate, as drivers may be unaware they are creeping above the limit.”
IAM RoadSmart’s spokesman said: “Sadly, IAM RoadSmart are not surprised by these findings as our own research suggests that the majority of drivers are happy to break the limit on motorways. What is new and more worrying, is to see similar figures for urban areas.”
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