8 Crazy Driving Laws From Around The World

You Might Want to Know These When Travelling to Avoid a Fine!


Motorists in the UK learn how to drive by paying for driving lessons and once their instructor believes they’re ready to go it alone, they allow the learner driver to book their provisional driving test but also they have to know and understand the Highway Code, learning what they can and can’t do whilst behind the wheel, so have to take a theory test as well to prove they’ve actually read it and are prepared to follow all the rules of the road!

However, once passed, it doesn’t take very long before these rules are broken or simply forgotten about, therefore putting drivers at risk of punishment by way of a fine and penalty points. What doesn’t help, is the fact that there are so many rules and laws in the Highway Code, many of which most drivers don’t even know exist and that’s probably because it’s updated regularly to keep up with our ever changing roads and the way we use them.

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If you haven’t read it already, we wrote an article a couple of weeks ago titled, ’10 UK Driving Laws You Might Not Know About’, which covers some of the more obscure and often unknown driving rules we have over here in the UK and you’ll probably be quite surprised and shocked by a number of them. For instance, did you know, that driving too slowly could get you in trouble with the law? Well it can, as a police officer can stop you and issue you with a warning for ‘inconsiderate driving’ or if the offence is classed as more serious, the case could end up in court and you could be charged for ‘driving without due care and attention’, which might result in a fine and penalty points on your driving licence!

But if you think that’s somewhat crazy, you might change your mind when you discover how many weird and whacky driving laws there are all over the world, many of which simply don’t make sense at all!

So, just in case you’re planning on visiting another country in the near future, (probably not this year because of COVID-19), here’s our top 8 crazy driving laws from around the world of which there are so many more – you should read on to avoid any trouble whilst away on what should be a happy, relaxing holiday with loved ones.

Our Top 8 Crazy Driving Laws From Around The World:

1. Thailand – this might not be one for the ladies to worry about so much and more aimed at men but if you plan to visit Thailand, you must never drive topless!

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a car, bicycle or tuk-tuk, you should avoid taking your top off, even if the weather is too hot – under Thai law, it is illegal to drive with no top on.

2. America, California – now, this one is going to upset a lot of ladies in the UK, especially those who jump into their car in the mornings wearing their pyjamas and dressing gown to do the school run!

In California, women must not drive whilst wearing a dressing gown, so if you’re planning a trip in the near future, don’t nip to the shops in your nightwear as you could land yourself in trouble and be left somewhat embarrassed.

3. Switzerland – over here, we love washing our cars, either at home doing it ourselves or taking a journey to the nearest car wash and you can do this whatever the day may be but not in Switzerland!

If you ever decide to take a trip, DO NOT wash your car on a Sunday outside the place you’re staying at as this is forbidden. You can use a drive-in car wash but you must not wash it yourself on the driveway on a Sunday but why? The main reason is noise pollution, as using a power wash can be noisy and might disturb the neighbours.

4. Denmark – now this is a strange one! Before you set off, you must check underneath your vehicle to make sure there’s no children hiding and this is a law.

5. Sweden – all vehicles in Sweden must drive with the headlights on 24 hours a day! So even if it’s bright sunshine outside, you must have your headlights on or face punishment.

Of course, many modern cars now feature headlights that automatically switch on, so there’s no need to worry if you travel to Sweden and especially so, if you happen to be in a Volvo.

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6. China, Beijing – here, it’s illegal to stop for pedestrians, how crazy is that! By law, drivers are forbidden from stopping for pedestrians and could face a warning or fine if caught.

So beware if you visit and drive on their roads, keep a look out for pedestrians trying to cross and remember not to stop for them!

7. France – it is a legal requirement in France for a driver to carry their own breathalyser inside their vehicle at all times. However, the rules have been relaxed recently, so whilst the law is still in place, you won’t be punished if pulled up by the police, simply ‘reminded of the law’.

8. Russia, Moscow – if this was a law in the UK, there’d be plenty of fines being handed out every day! In Moscow, you can be issued with a fine for driving around in a dirty car, especially if the registration plates cannot be read properly due to dirt.



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