5 countries with crazy road safety rules

Don’t forget to check under the car before you set off!

It’s Road Safety Week across the UK this week and with that in mind, Flexed.co.uk have come up with a list of 5 of the weirdest road safety rules from around the world.

The road safety charity Brake is asking motorists and non-drivers to follow the six-point Brake Pledge during Road Safety Week. The aim of the week is to raise road safety awareness – by making our roads safer we can help reduce the number of deaths that occur each year on our roads and make Britain’s roads safer for everyone.

Some safety measures in operation throughout other countries however seem rather over the top and a little bit crazy. One thing’s for sure though; none of them will ever be introduced in the UK – at least we hope not!

Top 5 Craziest Road Safety Laws from Around the World:

1. Spain – if you have to wear glasses or contact lenses whilst driving you need to remember that in Spain, you must carry a spare pair in your car with you at all times. If the police pull you up and you don’t have a second pair, you could end up with a fine.

2. Denmark – all drivers in Denmark by law have to check underneath their vehicle before they start it running. This isn’t to see if there’s a bomb waiting to go off; but to check that no-one is underneath the vehicle!

3. Germany – you’re okay to drive on the autobahn as fast as you like but if you run out of fuel and stop, you are breaking the law and could face prosecution – so remember to keep that tank full!

4. Thailand – no matter how hot you’re feeling whilst in Thailand, don’t take your top off! Driving a vehicle topless is against the law in Thailand for both men and women and if disobeyed, you could receive a fine.

5. China – the craziest law of all can be found in China. In Beijing, it is illegal to stop at a pedestrian crossing and doing so could cost you a fine.

So next time you find yourself driving through one of the above countries, try and remember the rules so as to avoid getting into trouble!

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