Ever wondered how much we spend over a lifetime on motoring?

ClickMechanic did and here are the results of their findings – you’ll be shocked!


Running a car is a huge expense – money constantly going out on insurance, car tax, fuel, maintenance and so much more, not to mention the actual purchase of the car to begin with.

However, none of these payments seem to stop us from wanting to get behind the wheel and for many families in the UK, there’s the expense of owning more than one vehicle.

 Ever wondered how much we spend over a lifetime on motoring?

Drivers each spend a staggering amount of money on motoring over a lifetime
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With all this in mind, have you ever sat down and wondered how much each of us actually spends in a lifetime just on motoring alone? ClickMechanic did and what follows are the results of their findings – some of the numbers are quite alarming!

ClickMechanic provide an online mobile mechanic service for the UK market. The calculations of their survey are based on 1,082 drivers with an average of 63 years behind the wheel. They also took into account the time motorists spend sorting car issues out and paying for them, to make things really hit home.

Before you start to drive, you need to learn, and that costs money. According to ClickMechanic’s research, learner drivers spend around £690 learning to drive and passing their test, all of which on average takes around 20-30 hours to achieve.

Car insurance is described by ClickMechanic as a “time and money drain” for drivers and discovered that around 80% of motorists now purchase theirs online.

The survey found that motorists spend around one hour comparing car insurance prices before purchasing, meaning over a lifetime of motoring, 63 hours are spent on policy searching, with a total spend of £29,000.

The estimated cost for repairs and servicing over a motoring lifetime is said to be £48,386 or more. This figure is based on two repairs costing an average of £683 over a three-year period, plus yearly servicing costs at around £312. The total number of hours spent waiting at the garage for your vehicle comes to 48 hours.

MOTs cost motorists, on average, around 60 hours in waiting time and £3,000 over a lifetime.

Motorists also spend around 84 hours and £28,560 on breakdown cover, road tax, new tyres and parking fees, whilst on average we fork out £101,000 on fuel, which means 600 hours spent standing at the pumps.

Simply keeping our car clean and putting air in the tyres costs motorists over £2,000 during a lifetime.

The survey results concluded that in total, motorists spend around 13,962 hours driving and looking after their vehicle – almost 582 days and shockingly we spend on average around £212,000 over a lifetime but that figure rises when we include the fact that the average motorist purchases 14 cars over a lifetime, totalling £67,000.

Therefore, the total amount the average Briton spends over a lifetime on motoring equates to a mind-blowing £279,904 – WOW!

“It’s staggering when you add up how much we invest in buying, owning and maintaining a vehicle over our lifetime, both in terms of time and money spent,” said Andrew Jervis, co-founder of ClickMechanic.

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