Volkswagen wants to take the lead in electric cars

German auto firm is to focus on electric vehicles as it recovers from the emissions scandal


To counteract the ongoing negative impacts caused by the controversial “dieselgate” scandal which erupted towards the end of last year, Volkswagen is to manufacture 30 new electric cars in an effort to become an automotive leader of ‘green’ vehicles.

Matthias Mueller, chief executive of Volkswagen, the biggest auto manufacturer in Europe, hopes that Germany’s auto sales will consist of 20-25% all-electric vehicles by 2025. VW will now focus upon the electric market as “the most attractive and fastest-growing market segment” in the global automotive industry.

VW aims to become an electric vehicle leader

VW to build 30 new electric vehicles within the next 10 years


VW wants to bring “30 purely battery-powered” electric autos into the market within the next 10 years, hopefully paving the way to global leadership in electric vehicle sales.

Since the diesel emissions scandal in September last year, sales of VW vehicles has been poor. In May, the German auto firm recorded a 4.1% sales increase, which pales in comparison to Renault’s 28% sales growth and the 18.% increase recorded by the owners of the Peugeot and Citroen marques, PSA Group.

As a result, VW has announced plans to cut costs, including throughout its administration and sales department and at its 26 manufacturing plants. Instead, VW will invest billions of euros into “e-mobility”.

Mr Mueller said the brand must “learn from mistakes made” as it undergoes a transformation and “a fundamental realignment” in preparation “for the new age of mobility”.

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